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Please see below our frequently asked questions.
Why do I need it?
Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, people are worried about returning to everyday life. FEVER 20 provides reassurance and gives the confidence to enable the general public to begin to return to normal life.
What does it do?
FEVER 20 has the ability to monitor temperatures, highlight fever and safeguard those that are well. It can allow access to staff and visitors and record temperatures using a secure cloud-based platform. In addition, it can register staff coming in to work using contactless face recognition. The application could be used in many scenarios including offices, schools, restaurants, golf clubs, gyms, warehouses, libraries. Any location that requires people to be in the same space attempting to maintain social distancing.
Who can use it?
Everybody and anybody. With or without glasses, with or without masks, with or without hats.
Will it work in the dark?
The FT201 has it’s own built-in LED lights that can illuminate the subject. It can work in total darkness using its internal LED lights, however, the platform uses binocular vision to detect the human face and need to be able to see the subject. More lighting gives more accurate imaging.
How will I know if I’ve got a high temperature?

The display shows your temperature on screen, and will also perform an audible alarm to notify you ifhave a high temperature.

Where is all the data stored?

In standalone mode 1 no data is stored on your device.  it simply works as a fever checking platform.
In standalone mode 2 the name and images for your enrolled members are stored on the device.

If you are using our Cloud-based platform then a 2D photo of the enrolled members along with an optional name and contact details are stored in our secure cloud services platform.  This is currently in GCP Europe-West3 data centre in London.   If a specific customer has concerns regarding data sovereignty, it is possible to build a dedicated platform running on the customers own instance in a private cloud-like ESX or in any location-specific Microsoft Azure datacenter at extra cost.

What support do I get?
We provide ongoing remote support to all units sold with a cloud subscription. On-site support will be charged at our standard rates. On-site installation is a chargeable service. Please discuss your requirements with our sales team.
Have you got any other models?
Yes we have handheld units and cameras which are in development, the website will be updated shortly.
What are the mounting options?
We have a range of mounting options detailed in our product pages. We have desk, wall, turnstile and pole-mounted options.
Can I get a product demonstation?
Yes, you can see the demonstration in a one to one video conference or we can arrange a socially distanced demo at your site or ours.
Can I get a discount for multiple units?
Yes, we will discuss discounts for unit qty over 10 units.
Is there a minimum order quantity?
No, you can buy in single unit qty if you wish
Do you have a reseller program?
Yes, we have a reseller program, please contact us for further details.
Does it work while wearing a face mask?
Yes our platform can perform facial recognition & temperature measurement while you are wearing a face mask
How quick can you deliver?
We are currently experiencing high demand and our lead times are between 7-14 days from order, please contact us for up to date information
What languages does the unit support?
The unit supports various languages including English, German, French, Polish & Spanish. The unit only support a single language working once configured. It is not possible for the user to change the language on the fly.
What is the Thermography accuracy?
The thermal camera is accurate to +/-0.5 Degree Celcius @ 50cm subject distance
Have you got a specification of the product?
Yes, if you complete the More Information form then you will be sent links to download the product specification
Are the devices CE certified
Yes all our devices carry the CE mark and are CE Certified
Can it be used through glass?
No, the unit needs direct sight of the person it is scanning. single or multiple panes of glass will prevent the thermography from working.
Can it be used outside?
This current unit the F201 is an indoor unit and is not IP rated. it must not be left outside in adverse weather. Use outside in good weather is also not recommended as the thermography and its calibration can be affected.